Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Well.......ITS GONE!! :(

yesterday when going into the hairdressers to make an app. for my head shave *gulps* and said can you come back in an hour! yikes!! so off i trotted and she made a very strange job.......she took half of it off and made a big spikey mahican at the back........

and so here is the pile it left! i showed it to someone and they thought it was a dog :D lol anyone need a wig ;)

and here is the before and after! needless to say that when i came outside it was bloomin cold!! i think i need to get a nice wooly hat lol owell of to the cape verde islands soon :D:D

after family (of which half still dont know its been done) the 1st lot to see was everyone at the nottongham tssc/ct meet last night (by the way great to make it to a meting claire finaly! youve done a great job there and i won some beer and a mocrowave heat pack thingy :D top banana!) and claire was gobsmacked and a few didnt even reconise me for a minuite :D lol

and a final note to say it was in aid of charity and partly down to im bonkers......was in aid of the NACC which if you read my profile you will now why i pick them :)

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