Saturday, 27 January 2007

a few things that have happened since buying...

well 1st off only a couple of weeks after buying it and they day before my 1st show at Notts. my sisters friend decided to smash into it with her clio! she apperantly didnt see a bright yellow car and didnt hear the roaring straight 6.........I've told my sister to buy her some parking sensors for her birthday....... :D

and then just the other day coming out of the doctors one of our local councilers decided to reverse into vitrualy the same spot..........bummer! he he

Other things.

Well a few days after i returned from cornwall it was my birthday and my mum very kindly made a cake with my car on (although you can tell its been a few years since shes done this inda thing :D) but still think it looks great.
and as mention in the accidents bit i had my 1st show at the notts classic car and bike show. great day and thank you to Claire, Nigal and everyone else who made me feel very welcome :)
i even managed to take an arty farty picture.......
and on the 7th Jan 07 it was the Notts area new year run which again was a great day out, weather stayed ok for most of the day, lovly meal in the middle and my car got utterly filthy, great stuff :D i do have a pic of me going through the ford but unfortunately they just missed the big splash (i think i went a tad fast through it :D) but you can see how ripped up the water is behind me :D

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