Friday, 26 January 2007

Things iv done on the car to a date....

for the 1st few months i didnt really touch it, just ran it how it was, aprt from playing with timing etc. but had a little spurt recently. 1st off it was installing a new '123 ignition system', since fitting it iv noticed a dramatic change in the engines running and im sure it will give better proformance once I've changed the advance curve, i thoroughly recomend them! i dont think it will be long before these replace the original dizzys, wear is minimal and bosch rotor arms and dizzy caps are the replacements so no trouble with rubbish reproduced rubbish!

2nd off i had some custom mx5 seats made up. i think they have turned out great! no matter what any one said about the colours :D they include 2 5" speakers in each head rest yet to be connected though.

and JUST the other day i picked up a set of 5 14" 5 SPOKE REVOLUTIONS!!! 1 of only 2 sets known to exist, and they just happened to be 2 junction up the M1 and yellow..... and they look great on the car. only a test fit as it has some tyres on i saving for a tack day coming up so looks about high thanks to the old wheel tuck under when jacked up.

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