Friday, 26 January 2007

Lets start at who i am! well, my names Jon Ellis or Jony as people call me. im 18 and i have a inca yellow spit6 PI

This is my 2nd triumph which i bought easter 2006 as a birthday present to myself :D travelled 300 miles down to cornwall to fetch it and was worth it!! It has GT6 running gear with a calaforian body tub on it, and a lucas PI system fitted to the engine. i was told after i purchased that it has a stage 3 engine but wether that is true or not is another matter and what he means by 'stage 3' could be anything. im yet to explore the car over to see what has actualy been done. It is my daily driver and certainly makes going to work fun :D and will overtake a line of cars in a flash! great stuff.

My 1st car was a 1300 mk4 spitfire which i owned from december to march ish, after hearing a 6 pot roar past on the way to stoneliegh i just said to myself 'I have to get me onea those!!' and so i did :D

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