Friday, 12 October 2007

The Jolly Dolly!

few months back now but yup, i now have my 3rd triumph, and green dolomite 1500, the spit hasnt made way for it though this time, its to be used while the spit goes off the road soon for the modifications iv got planned!

bought it and got it through the mot with a new upper and lower ball joint, sorted! since then its just been a new wheel bearing and while changing that i saw the brake disc was cracked, so stuck on 2 new discs and pads while i was at it! bodys in Good nik bar the rear wings which is normal, nothing major, and paints abit naff but will come up better with a polish. but when its a daily who cares?

since iv got a feel for the car now i have to say dolly are great little cars! handle really well (suprisingly !) and are great fun, just need a bit more power.......roll on sprint ;)

anyway heres a couple of kak pics!

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