Monday, 4 June 2007

lots happened recently!

well 1st off iv stuck a rear lowering block in at the rear, bit of a pig of a job, not helped by the block not quite fitting right! nothing that abit of filing didnt sort! courtesy of mr dave pearson of canleys, on the sunday after the HCR while i got my VL aswell after they broke (see below!) back ends gone down quite nicely, still have room to go lower but as ill soon have my 14" revolutions back on didnt want to go too far! (fitted a 1/2" block)


also iv changed the whole front suspension! fitted some nice AVO's and some 600lb springs, WOW! what a difference! its actualy smoother over the bumps etc than before (spax and 330's) maybe its just how the shox are set up? but sooooooo much better round the corners and under braking! as approved by GT! certainly cant wait to get it back on track and really test it out! but that wont be till next year now!
front as is now
and the car as a whole

speaking of GT hes been over in ENgland for the past week or 2 helping out various people inc. mr jason chinn with the PI systems and also popped along to mr davies with the silver back with a driveshaft? or something, been here there and everywhere! anyway he got me a new metering unit asap after realising just how rich it was! made his eyes water :D hehe and so he came over yesterday and fitted it, well what can i say! its goes soooooo much better now! so much smoother and lot more economical! wow! on a small initial test comeing back from work fuel consumption was probably 1/4 if not halved! without the use of OD as it packed up on me! bah stupid wire came loose again! (thats you GT running over that bump ;) how dare you ;))
just going to change to some colder plugs and should be done with that for now!

had the MOT too! flew through! ALMOST! hehe silly me A. hadnt adjusted one of the rear drums for the handbrake properly doh! and B. i noticed my passenger side steering rack gaitor was abit holey so got a replacement (thanks phil!) and went about changing it, only to find it wouldnt fit! (THANKS PHIL!!!) so after it failed mot as i had not way of securing it down i went to my local spares shop for some and checked them before i paid, only to find they wernt the same...........hold on..........DOH! checked spare gaitor in the boot and was the right shape! oops! theres the idiot coming out in me! haha so went back today and went through fine.........

meanwhile iv decided to build up a new 6 pot! plans are still abit sketchy but looks like iv found an engine just up the road from me! and will have a sideways special head! rally cam and followers, bore out to 2137?ish or so, so bigger pistons aswell, still yet to decide which, GT may have some late autumn for me. just generaly gunna be a mnetal flying banana!! muwahahaha hopefully get it built up and finished by winter then transplant the 2 engine when dave has some spare time and work out any bugs ready for the spring/summer track days! but it will take time to get doen as im still recovering (financialy!) from being off work for so long! so get the cooling sorted then its all engine! (and some for booze and lasses i guess ;)) at least by fuel bills wont be so much!

i think thats about it!........for now......;)

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