Saturday, 20 October 2007



had abit of a blow this week, only gone and pulled a hernia havent i! :( feeling pretty peed off as i had planned to do some mods on the spitfire today but cant really risk making it worse! gotta go see the surgeon at some point so thats me off work over winter! owell at least i can stay in the nice warm and cosey house rather than out in the freezing cold! saying that as soon as im up to it ill be working on the spit :D

as i said i cant really risk making it worse this weekend, mainly for one reason, next weekend im going over to prestwold hall to do whats called the euro challenge :D which involves drivin a lambo, ferrari, jag, aston, porsche and a imprezza round the track for a few hours :D should be awsome, so more updates and pics after that!

as i said i was planning on doing some mods on the spit today, this was mainly to get the back end lowered more by drilling new holes in the uprights where the springs bolts on, will still do this but will just be delayed slightly, and still hoping over the winter months i can get the engine moved back and a new mad straight 6 in there too!

and a quick congratulations to Karl at KD Triumph who has recently become a daddy again with his baby boy Jack!

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