Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Dolly Pt2

ok so had the dolly now for a couple of weeks and 1st imprssions are great! why? well i saw it for sale for not much more than the 1500 and i always had it in the back of my mind that i wanted a sprint + it had a few of the extras i wanted!

well as you can see from the pics below the body work is solid, it just has a few dents in it where its rolled off the ramps in the garage and needs the bonnet and boot spraying the same colour and it'll looks ace! although makes it even funnier when you burn off those boy racers!!! ahahaha speaking of which, it certainly goes some! and there is nothing better than seeing the looks on peoples faces as you fly infront of there chavved up pile of plastic! and fly off into the distence :D

It handles nicely aswell as its polybushed all round near enough (one less job to do!) and is nicer on the longer journeys as it has overdrive! although has a shake that i wanna get sorted, either wheels need balencing or prop.

so far iv got it back from cambridge, been up to north yorkshire and back and then took my bro down to swansea and back so its certainly had some use! and has never really missed a beat!

plans really for it arnt too much as i need to concentrate on the spit, but i want to get some decent speakers fitted, get the outside looking presentable, work out a few bugs/leaks etc and maybe get some trumpets or something if some come by at stonleigh next month

unfortuantly no more progress on the spitfire really, still waiting for room so i can start on moving the engine back! really want to get it in asap while im off work so have lotas of time! but we shall see, meanwhile im still researching on what to do on this new engine, looking at the option of making it a 2.3........ :D


Dave Powell said...

Farking Hell Jon, you updated ya blog :)

Jony said...

i know miracle or what!! next thing you know CT will have some comman sense and get rid of all the bum chums!!!

royboy66 said...

so you got 3 trumps now??

Whic one you bringing to Stoneleigh?

Ive found myself looking at Dolly sprints lately!! mmm

See you next week!

Roy ;)

Jony said...

nope still just 2, sold the green dolly! funny, twice iv bought a car, and twice iv sold it for one with more power......i really should have learnt from the 1st time that i just cant live without power in a