Friday, 1 February 2008

new bits!!

Well the 1st major bits for the new engine started coming through last week thanks to james S.

got a piper rally cam 300deg 46-78

some new followers

some lovly double springs

and finaly some special 1 piece steel valves

they are all obviosuly for the spit, only cost me under £150 in total so rather pleased! need to get back to work though before i go spending much more!! but certainly putting it into reality though mind and not just an idea which is nice!

on the dolly iv had a few pieces through the post today, some speakers

not anthing fancy or expensive, but aslong as they give half decent sound when you wack the volume up ill be happy, just need 2 more now and to fit them!

and also had a central locking kit through today!

thats it for now! ned to get fitting things up!

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