Wednesday, 28 March 2007

lessons learnt from donnington

Well after suffering fuel surge problems at donno park, i had to set about sorting that out as a priority for mallory park (especialy as they have the longest right hander in british motorsport)

so i bought a swirl pot of ebay to set up stage 1 of my fuel system in the boot. this was purly to make abit more space and make sure it worked for mallory. im currently drawing up the final stage of it to do at a later date which includes small pump, bigger filter and fuel pump relocation.

but heres how it looks at present:

This shows the fuel tank exit going into the swirl pot via a cut off valve (a must have if you ask me!) going itno the bottom of the 2 top side holes. the 1 at the very top allows cought air to be pushed back up into the fuel tank so eliminating any air bubbles and fuel surge problems. the fuel then comes out the bottom through the filter and to the lucas pump which is located on the passeger side wing.
Next job will be making a cooling coil out of box tubing, which will wrap around the lucas pump and use the access fuel from the PRV will pass through this helping to keep the lucas pump cool and will then feed back into the swirl pot helping to keep this full. i may also move the pump to underneath the boot flor within a duct to A aid cooling and B increase fuel pressue getting to the pump, and will free up some boot space!

i also need to drain the tank and replace the fuel pipe between the tank and pot as this is too thin.

*EDIT* pictures to follow tomorow as i must have had too many to drink and all the pics are blurred hehe.

Lesson number 2: Make sure you have better brakes!!

to try and improve my brakes i replaced the discs and pads as these were getting past it/not able to cope. so i just fitted standard discs and some Mintex 1144 pads ( pt no. MGB633) these fit fine of thetype 16 caliper although if you have the ealier type you may have to drill new locating holes, for me this wasnt the case.

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